Pure & Natural Whitening Toothpaste
Pure & Natural Whitening Toothpaste

Pure & Natural Whitening Toothpaste

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White Glo Pure is your choice for a healthy and natural whitening toothpaste.
This premium natural whitening toothpaste is free from harsh chemicals (No SLS, SLES, Fluoride, Paraben, Bleaches) so it is ideal for you and your family to use daily. The natural cleansers and whitening properties in this formulation will gently help to remove stains, yellowing, discolouration and plaque from your teeth enamel.

Vegan | Gluten Free | Organic Ingredients |
No Animal Testing | Australian Made and Owned

For better teeth whitening results, pair it with the
White Glo Activated Charcoal Powder too!

Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush
Replacing your toothbrush regularly is vital for healthy teeth and gums. This pack includes a free eco-friendly toothbrush made from bamboo. This unique toothbrush is designed with high quality bristles to maximise whitening results.
With regular use, you will have healthier teeth and gums and your smile will look whiter and shinier!

No Sugar | No Artificial Colour | No Preservatives | No Sulphates | No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate | No Fluoride | No Triclosan | No Parabens | No Harmful Dyes | No Harmful Chemicals | No Peroxide | No Bleaches

Brush thoroughly twice daily or as directed by your dentist. Use daily in place of your ordinary toothpaste.

Calcium Carbonate, Water, Glycerin, Silica, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Cellulose Gum, Flavours (natural), Sodium Saccharin, Mineral Oil, PEG-60, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, BHA Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil (organic), Matricaria Recutita (Chamomile Oil) (organic)